Who Is Stasia?

America's Favorite Foul-Mouthed Trainer

Stasia Patwell is a fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, and stand-up comedian. While that last title may seem irrelevant in the workout world, it’s actually Stasia’s humor and no bull-shit personality that make her such an effective fitness instructor. She keeps her students laughing through ass-focused workouts, bringing just the right blend of fitness and funny (warning: she swears a lot).

Train With Stasia

About School of Thot

A kick-your-ass and comedic approach to getting fit. Check out the video for a sneak peek!

Ass First

We’re unabashedly ass-obsessed at School of Thot. Why? Because our booty meat — also known as our glutes — make up the largest group of muscles in our body. They’re also the first muscle group to shut off when we sit, and let’s face it, we sit a lot these days. But if we activate our glutes, if we focus on carving out that booty meat, every other muscle in our body will follow. That’s why a good chunk of the classes at School of Thot are ass-focused. But don’t worry, you will see the results in your entire body.

It's All Mental

At School of Thot, seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing. You have to believe you can get in shape and look and feel your best before it becomes a reality. In order to do that, you have to train yourself mentally to handle a workout. Our minds like to tell us our body can’t do those extra five pushups or accomplish another round of hip thrusters, but we’re capable of so much more than we think. At School of Thot, we remind ourselves often, sometimes several times in one class, that our thoughts aren’t permanent. When you’re feeling the burn from that third round of Bulgarian split squats, and your brain tries to tell you it’s too much, acknowledge the feeling and then move on to the next thought.

Be Willing

You’re not going to come everyday to a workout and love the entire process. That’s OK. You simply have to be willing to show up, to focus on the work and feel whatever you need to in that moment. You may not like the way you feel during this class, but you will like your ass popping in that bathing suit once you start seeing your body transform.

Rooted In Recovery

In these fitness classes, we don’t just learn to work our bodies, we learn how to exercise our emotional selves. Exercise likens to an exorcism in many ways. We’re expelling our bad thoughts, our doubts and our insecurities, so we can bring in and accept the good in our lives. These fitness classes are a daily reprieve. We encourage you to show up regularly if you want to see changes in your body and mind.

Accessible Fitness

No weights or fancy equipment are necessary to give your body a solid workout at School of Thot. Bring a towel or yoga mat and have a chair or bench available. Your body will take care of the rest.

Stasia's Philosophy

Letting Go

“I spent a lot of time being really ashamed and regretful of the way I lived my life. I feel like I've finally gotten to a place where I’ve actually accepted that time. I’ve realized I had to be a hot mess, a complete disaster so I could be equipped to help other people through their shit. I’m so happy right now. I’m in such a good place.”

My Style

“I’m fucking dirty. I’m offensive. I don’t want to change who I am, but I also want to appeal to the masses, but realistically I’m not going to stop swearing. These days it’s so hard to find people who are honest and real. I may be offensive but at least I’m authentic and honest. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch.”

Your Perfect Body

“You already have your perfect body, you just need to unzip it. You already have everything you need. Usually it’s just about stripping stuff away. We talk so much shit to ourselves and our bodies, but we’re on the same team as our body. Work with it. Carve it out. Unzip and step out of your resistance. You already have everything you need.”


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