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My goal is to leave you happy and willing to work out again. Read below to find out what past customers think of me! If you are a past customer and would like to write me a review, please send it to me below! I love to hear from you!

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Stasia’s class has made me fall in love with fitness. I’m overweight and didn’t think of myself as an athlete. I couldn’t run because it hurt my knees and cardio videos hurt my joints as well. I learned that if I pushed myself, I’d get injured. Stasia’s workouts kick my ASS, but my muscles take the full hit. I’ve become an athlete! When I started taking her class a couple months ago, it was so hard that I didn’t think I’d ever go back. But she was so funny and it was so much fun (besides the working out part) that I went back anyway. I’ve been going every day, 5 days a week ever since. I wouldn’t miss it. Before every class, she asks people to put their injuries in the chat so that she can offer modifications on certain exercises. I started out doing lots of modifications for my knees. One day, I wondered if I was strong enough to do a certain exercise. I tried it and told myself I would do it until it hurt, then would switch to the modification. It didn’t hurt! This is an exercise that has caused me pain since I was in high school, and my knees were finally strong enough to do it. My whole body is strong now. I’m still working on my weight, but I love watching my new body take shape. I can see muscles in my arms and abs and my butt is round and high. I’m starting to love a body that felt like a prison to me for such a long time, and I’m training like an athlete. I’ve tried everything else and was never able to find a program that delivered these results until I started Stasia’s workouts. She’s the absolute best in every way. The workouts are an hour and they feel like ten minutes because she makes it that much fun. I’d recommend her program to anyone.

Lara B, Los Angeles

I was in the kitchen tonight and my hubs was like "Damn your booty is up there! Is that from Stasia's class already?" I thought I was imagining it until he said something but yep! And I've only been doing it twice a week. I don't know what kind of Zoomy voodoo magic she spins on us but it WORKS. Plus you get a few lessons on spiritual gangster-ism along the way. Take her class... like now. K thanks byeee.

Jen J, Los Angeles

Stasia, your classes are amazing. I’m sore for days and am half laughing half cursing you. Thank you for Killer workouts. ! 

Nancy P, Boston, MA

I love Stasia’s classes because she strikes the perfect balance between no-bullshit drill Sargent & self-love guru. “You and your body are on the same team”, she says. For me, that makes each workout about getting stronger and loving myself more.

JoAnn M, Los Angeles

I always look forward to taking Stasia’s class. She’s a fabulous teacher who’s mix of spirituality and knowledge of the body is informative and inspiring. Damn my ass is sore. 

Chelsea S, West Hollywood

Stasia has always been my favorite work out teacher. I used to take her spin classes and now thank god she has returned doing her zoom quarantine party. It has been a life saver for my mental state, my bootie and abs. She knows what's up when it comes to fitness, and bonus, she is a comedian. So not only does she work your bootie off but she makes you laugh. Best sweat ever.

Ali J, Venice Beach

Stasia's work outs are the absolute best. She is tough and knows how to whip a body into shape. What I particularly love though, is her holistic approach to combatting the mind when the going gets tough. Her words and affirmations help me stay out of my head and in my body every time. She is also HILARIOUS and genuinely cares about her clients. Do yourself the favor of taking her class.

Allison C, Santa Monica

I have known Stasia for years. I used to drive from Hollywood to see her when she worked at YAS studios in Venice. I started doing her zoom group classes 3 weeks ago. These workouts are challenging! I am literally dripping sweat during the circuits. She gives clear instruction with a demonstration. Her classes are really fun and she makes you feel excited to get your booty in shape. I feel so good after her classes. Thanks Stasia!! 

Rosemary W, West Hollywood

I did my last workout with Stasia two days ago. My ass is still SO sore. Stasia's workouts are not only crazy effective but super motivating. Bonus--you get an extra ab workout with how hard she makes you laugh. She really is the best.

Bethany W, Los Angeles

If you want to take a class with someone who will make you laugh your ass off, scream and feel like super fucking woman this is your girl. Stasia comes ready to kick ass every class with new exercises everyday and consistent positive vibes. I have never found myself working out as much as I have now that I take her quarantine class Mon-Fri. I can’t stop and I won’t. Truly addicting. I honestly can not recommend enough. She’s genius. 

Kayla G, Los Angeles

Thank you so much! Seriously. I’m wildly out of shape and need days to recover from your classes but I feel the improvement. Between my shoulder injury and sciatica, certain moves are painful for me and have my low back hurting. A yoga instructor told me lunge type stretches and exercises can be triggering for sciatica so I really try to work on my form when I do them. I try to keep my back neutral and press my belly button into my back but I naturally have a sway back and really tight front hips which were always problematic. I 100% feel myself getting stronger though. One of these days I’ll get through an entire class. And smiling really fucking helps! Your semi psychotic words resonate with me and I do love your song choices. Thanks again for being dope af.

Lauren A, Los Angeles

I’m SO glad I randomly harassed you via Instagram to start teaching online. My weekly schedule is based around your class now. Quarantine has brought up some serious body image & self worth bullshit for me, and your class has been one of the top things getting me through it. I hear your voice in my head (right next to my therapists voice 😂) shutting down my anxiety when it starts to bubble up. THANK YOU. You are my booty’s fairy godmother.

Jo Ann M, Los Angeles

I’m sore in the weirdest places today. So, thanks. Your class is like good sex. That’s usually the only way I can target my upper middle obliques, my inner thighs, my gluteus medius, and my ego all at the same time. But I’m not worried about herpes or getting a return phone call from an NA fuckboi who has the same haircut as all 27 of his roommates. Fuckin #win.

Molly P, Pennsylvania

Stasia combines her knowledge of physical fitness with her guffaw-inducing sense of humor to banish our negative, fatigue-inducing self-talk. She shines a light onto the insidious text-messages emitting from our own brains to our unsuspecting selves...yes, the nasty static that prevents us from making the progress that 's right there just for the taking! I pause and rest in child's pose if I need to, no problem, then join back in without losing the flow. 

Mary J, Boston, MA

Stasia’s class gives you a great workout - sweat, cardio, and toning without the cheesy BS most instructors say. As someone who hates running or being on a monotonous machine, I always look forward to her class. I highly recommend.

Erica S, Los Angeles

This class makes you laugh out loud while burning your booty into shape. I’ve recommended it to all my friends who appreciate humor and creativity and gluteal power!

Temple M, Los Angeles

Stasia’s classes are getting me through this crazy quarantine time. Her class is the perfect mix of intense work, trashy comedy and legit spiritual tidbits! She’s a rockstar!!

Bernadette G, Torrance, CA

Stasia’s workout class is the only one I’ve ever been excited to go back to, and the only I’m actually upset if I miss. I already feel stronger after a few weeks.

Samantha H, Los Angeles

Stasia’s class is a raunchy, ridiculous, riot. Not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for people who don’t like fart, dick, pussy, balls, fucking, twats, cunts, and bitches to be sprinkled into their workouts. But for the rest of us, it’s a goddamn joy. Stasia reminds us to live in the moment, get in touch with our bodies, and tap into a weird and wonderful energy that changes your body and mind. I am hooked. Very grateful for this workout in my day. I feel better each and every time.

Ramona D, Northern California

Somehow I had forgotten to work out for a little over two years, and when the quarantine happened I took up Stasia in her invitation to work out with her in Zoom. I’ve been working out with her three or four times a week for the last two months and I’ve seen such a huge change in my butt and my body. I’ve never seen results in my body so quickly. And I used to work out a lot. The minute before it ends I feel like I wanna die. But the minute I finish class is the best part of my day. My body and brain are firing on cylinders, and I feel like I got to hang out with some of my homies. Stasia is the most Amazing trainer I’ve ever worked with. Just when I think my butt is going to fall off during exercises, Stasia says some thing so crazy and hilarious I burst out laughing. I love Stasia, I love her class, I love my butt.


Stasia’s approach to fitness is refreshing, direct and primal. She’s a hilariously cynical-yet-inspiring drill sergeant who helps you drop into your body and establish a real mind-muscle connection. Because of her, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin! Not to be extra but... training w/Stasia has truly transformed my life.

Sarah A, Los Angeles

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I offer comedy based work-outs that will kick your ass in the best way! At School of Thot, we rely on five principles to keep us on a healthy and positive track, both mentally and physically.

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