Train With Me

About Stasia

Exercise has always been a part of Stasia’s life, but the Boston native found it professionally in 2013 when she started teaching spin classes at a gym in Los Angeles. Her experience performing stand-up comedy easily transferred to leading workout classes. At the time, Stasia was also trying to get sober. She couldn’t deny the natural high she felt once her body started moving. The more she moved, the more she came to understand that her recovery was rooted in her exercise routine, and she wanted to share that revelation with others. Stasia is certain fitness saved her life and helped shape her into the person she is today.

When a shelter-in-place order was put in place in California in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Stasia had friend after friend reach out asking her to teach a virtual workout class. From her studio apartment in Venice Beach, she started meeting daily with a group of ladies, putting their bodies through hell for a solid hour to help them carve out a bodacious booty, and, more importantly, train them to change their perceptions about working out. What started as a Zoom experiment has turned into a movement. A few short months after Stasia’s first virtual workout, School of Thot was born.


Train With Me One On One

I get it. Fitness and food is hard work. Quite frankly, it sucks.

To be honest, I don't LOVE working out and eating right either. If I could eat cold pizza by the pool everyday and look hot- then I'd be doing that. But unfortunately that ain't what Mother Nature had planned for my body. I have to work hard to look good. And I don't like it either. But I'm willing to do what it takes to look hot naked, because that feels a helluva lot better than feeling gross and insecure in my body. When I look good, THEN I feel good.

You're constantly being bombarded by contradictions: "carbs are evil," "carbs are are good before 6pm,""fruit is bad," BLAH BLAH BLAH. It's exhausting!!

You want to look feminine and strong, not like some crazed bodybuilder who works out 4 hours a day and counts every grain of rice.

You want that slim thicc good good.

You want your lover bragging about your ass to their friends.

You want all your friends asking you what the hell you've been doing because damn girl you look fucking good.

You don't want working out and preparing tasteless meals to be your full time job. You've got shit to do.

Let me guide you.

I will help you get through your workouts even when you really don't want to do it.

I'll always tell you the truth. I'll help you figure out your food- in a way that makes sense in your life.

And most importantly- I'll make you LOOK HOT.

My 1-on-1 online training program is an 8 week jumpstart.

It includes:

Two 1-hour long online training sessions per week (using your own bodyweight and whatever equipment you already have at home)

Personalized macros/diet support

Unlimited access to me via text or facetime-whether you need a pep talk, someone to vent to, have questions, or just want to connect

Unlimited group classes on zoom, as well as recordings of all the classes

If we choose to work together, you will have me as your own personal trainer/motivator/ shit talker. I choose my clients carefully because we will get to know each other well. My clients become my friends.